About Us

The Filipino Shipowners Association was organized and established in 1950 by a group of shipowners led by Col. Generoso F. Tanseco who was its first Chairman and President.

Barely four years from its inception, FSA became a force in spearheading the growth of the Philippine overseas shipping industry. The passage of Republic Act No. 1407, otherwise known as the Philippine Overseas Shipping Act of 1955, and the enactment of RA 1909, or the Philippine Interisland Shipping Act of 1956, were facilitated through the active support of the FSA. The issuance of the Ship Mortgage Decree of 1978 was spearheaded by FSA.

From that small group, the FSA has grown through the years, now consisting of companies not only engaged in the overseas shipping trade either as shipowners, ship operators, bareboat charterers but as well as companies which are engaged in maritime related business activities.

Through the years, the FSA has been the primary voice of the private overseas shipping industry. It has initiated meetings and discussions on maritime issues of concern with the concerned agencies of Government, informed the members of important changes and developments in the shipping environment and represented the interests of the Association and its members in various national, regional and international forums.

It has remained committed to the development of the Philippine overseas shipping industry and has played an instrumental role in the formulation and implementation of the Government’s maritime policies to further develop the maritime industry.

The FSA is a member of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI), the National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP), the Federation of ASEAN Shipowners Associations, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and cooperates and works closely with among others, the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC), the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO).

The FSA was in the forefront in the enactment of RA 7471 otherwise known as the Philippine Overseas Shipping Act. The said law specifically gave shipowners the opportunity to upgrade their fleet by allowing them to get foreign funding for their purchase of ocean-going vessels. This was subsequently amended by RA 9301 which extended the benefits granted.

It is likewise a member of the Federation of ASEAN Shipowners Association (FASA), where it joins its counterparts from Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam in formulating and implementing various maritime projects to expand intra-regional co-operation. It is likewise a member of good standing of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS).

It is also a member of the Asian Shipowner’s Association (ASA) which is composed of the national shipping associations of all Asian countries. It is the Vice-Chairman of the Seafarers Committee of the ASA with the FSA Chairman & President, Dario Alampay of Westwind Shipping Corporation and Baliwag Navigation, Inc. holding the position. Trustee Gerardo Borromeo of Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc. (PTCI) is an incumbent Vice-Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) and a former President of Inter-Manager.

It was a catalyst in the issuance of Executive Order No. 75 which was signed by His Excellency President Benigno S. Aquino III creating a single central maritime authority that will oversee the implementation of STCW provisions and ensure that the Philippines will continue to fully comply with the same. It supported the enactment of Republic Act No. 10635 which institutionalized the designation of the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) as the single central maritime authority responsible for STCW implementation.

Since 2017, the FSA has been actively participating in the deliberations of the proposed legislation relative to maritime concerns of our overseas shipping industry. Its officers have religiously attended public hearings conducted by the Committee of Transportation of the House of Representatives relative to the proposed Philippine Ship Registry, Open Pilotage and ratification of IMO Conventions.

To date, the FSA continues to be actively involved in discussions on shipping related issues not only locally but in the International fora as well.


AMB. CARLOS C. SALINAS FSA Chairman Emeritus
Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc.
DARIO R. ALAMPAY FSA Chairman & President
Baliwag Navigation, Inc.
Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Inc.
TDG Ship Management, Inc.
Keeper Maritime Co., Inc.
MICHAEL J. ESTANIEL Trans-Global Maritime Agency, Inc.
CAPT. RONALD SJ ENRILE Lighthouse Ship Management, Phils., Inc.
THERESA D. PAGUIO Jebsen PTC Company,Inc
PEDRO MIGUEL F. OCA Naess Shipping Phils., Inc.
JESUS E. AVECILLA, JR. Selma Shipping Phils., Inc.
JOSE RAMON GARCIA Ventis Maritime Corporation
ATTY. JOSE ADOLFO CRUZ United Philippine Lines, Inc.
ARNOLD JAVIER Magsaysay Shipping & Logistics
KATHERINE AVELINO Philippine Center for Advanced
Maritime Simulation and Training,